We offer a wide range of services providing integrated services for those in need of translations and interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, court-certified, over the phone, accompanying, etc.) in all world languages including certification, with express delivery dates.

We also provide company and individual language courses tailored to the client’s needs and requirements, proofreading and other additional services.

We now also offer DTP services!

How does it work?

  • The calculation is free of charge
  • We follow the standards of ISO 9001
  • We approach your orders professionally, rigorously and individually
  • We meet your needs regarding time flexibility and transparent communication
  • We cooperate with qualified translators with long-term experience
  • We have native speakers in our team
  • We offer many loyalty and quantity discounts

What do we offer?

  • Translations, certified and express translations in all world languages
  • Interpreting – court-certified, consecutive, simultaneous, over the phone, accompanying
  • Proofreading – factual, stylistic, grammatical and before printing
  • Company and individual language courses
  • DTP services
  • Additional services – transcripts of audio recordings, written texts in Czech and foreign language versions
  • Linguistic consultancy


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Translation Agency

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