Proofreading is an essential part of the translation process and determines the final quality of the translated document. Proofreading includes editing or correction of the translated text. Complete linguistic proofreading includes correction of lexical, morphological and syntactic errors. Documents are only proofread by top professionals with long-term experience.

Proofreading a text requires an excellent command of the target language. Stylistic editing of the text requires standardization of unusual sentence structures, consolidation of inconsistently used linguistic means in the entire text, correction of the word order, prepositional phrases, elimination of redundant words and forms (pleonasms) and so on.

We offer

  • Proofreading calculations free of charge
  • Proofreading by native speakers
  • Provisions of grammatical, stylistic proofreading and proofreading before printing
  • Proofreading of texts submitted by you, in any of the languages we offer
  • We guarantee author’s proofreading for each translation free of charge
  • We guarantee factual proofreading for each translation free of charge
  • We recommend proofreading for documents intended for publishing, printing or public presentation
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