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Loggos Translation Agency is committed to social responsibility which makes our company donorship one of our long-term priorities.



SOS dětské vesničky (SOS Children’s Villages)

The objective of the SOS Children’s Villages Association is to provide children who cannot be with their own family and who cannot be placed in adoption or individual foster care programmes with an opportunity to grow up in a family environment. Together with foster parents, we raise children so that they can live an independent life in the future.


Blood donation

Blood is the most precious fluid in the world that can not be substituted regardless of all the scientific progress. Blood donation is a unique gift of a person to a person. Therefore, we at Loggos have decided to become regular donors. We have donated over 25 litres of blood so far.


Karate Tygr Shotokan

Karate Tygr Shotokan is a civic association that focuses on organizing, developing and promoting various sports activities, specifically karate (the SHOTOKAN style) and related sports disciplines.


Potůček Civic Association 

The goal of the Potůček Civic Association is to protect the Czech landscape, nature and environment.

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